Lego Indiana Jones

12/02/08 2:59 PM

People are always telling me how great the Lego Star Wars games are. "Mike, you should try a Lego game. They're so great!". To all you Tony's (as in Tiger) out there, if the Lego Star Wars games are anywhere near as annoying as Indiana Jones, your suggestion is akin to "Mike, you should try Syphilis, its interesting!". If I had to some up Lego Indiana Jones in one word, it'd be "Shit".

We already know the plot, but this time we get to observe it without a single word. Instead the characters mumble, which totally doesn't get old after 3 movies of plot. And as with the usual movie based game, there's tons of events that never happened, and just as many that are skipped... not that I was expecting an accurate plot from lego characters.

But mostly, the game just sucks because its annoying. Bad camera angles, annoying puzzles, stupid AI, and things that kill you over and over, take any fun out of smashing legos. How a kid could ever play through this without getting ridiculously frustrated is beyond me. Scamming children out of their precious few dollars? Shame on you Lucas Arts.