Murphy’s Law

10/24/08 12:50 PM

Dead Space is pretty much your typical survival horror game just with some “minor” differences. I mean minor in the fact that instead of using a shotgun you get a gun that fires bursts of plasma (horizontally or vertically), instead of running around in a mansion killing zombies you’re in space killing aliens, and instead of shooting baddies in the face with a rocket launcher you have to dismember them otherwise they keep coming back.

This game has a great storyline, but after a while you have to wonder how many fucking things can possibly go wrong on this damn ship, and of course the other “survivors” are holed up in the command room bitching at you to fix everything. This really made me want to find the command room, rip the door off, and lead the baddies to a nice dinner...

The game is fun, the holographic interface is a nice change as it helps keep you immersed and the RPG elements are a nice addition.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to spend too much time playing this game as Fable 2 came out and being evil > running around looking for a FUCKING LIGHT!

I give Dead Space all the great taste of Taco John’s or Whitecastle, but without the trots afterwards…