The Club

04/07/08 8:51 PM

I have to admit I was attracted to this game by the box art. I hadn't seen any advertising for it, nor had I heard anything from anyone other than the, "I was thinking about trying it." So I picked this game up.

Upon putting The Club in I was rather disappointed, I had assumed that there was some sort of multiplayer mode. This is not the case. In fact I'm not sure if there really is a story line either. Anyways, I started playing the tournament mode, or whatever that was called. It had promise, each character had a pseudo backstory and there was a purpose to the tournament... to win. I picked a character and waded into the unknown. I believe the first map / tournament was Steel Mill, I figured this would be one map and I'd be onto the next one... boy was I wrong. I had to play the same stupid map 6 times before I could move onto the next one. However, I refuse to touch this title anymore.

When trying to find a storyline I started getting the feeling that this was going to be like the glory days of Unreal Tournament. I liked the premise of just killing people, really who doesn't? But once I got into a game I was assaulted with these stupid rules and point systems for killing people. If I kill fast enough I build a multiplier, which makes sense, I also get different point values based on where I shoot an opponent, which still makes sense. Unfortunately thats about all the more sense I could get out of the game. Just before the round starts you are assaulted by the word "FIGHT," a nice tribute to Mortal Kombat, except this game rapes it... to death. Then you start in killing people as fast as possible to get the best score and keep a high multiplier, except each time you play the same map for the "tournament" they toss a new game mode at you. The modes were: Sprint, Time Attack, Survivor, Siege, and Run the Gauntlet. They really all boil down to running and killing things to get the high score, without dying. There are no tactics, there is no purpose, there is no reason to ever touch this...EVER.

As I was finishing this review I remembered one of my initial reactions. As I opened the case I noticed the Sega logo on the cover of the and made a quip to a friend of mine to the effect of, "Well shit, if I had seen this before we could have already chalked it up to garbage." Talk about hitting that right on the head.

- Jesus