Pirate Ninja Alliance

Tall Angry Monster


5/11/2011 5:35 PM

So... Brink is out. I like the class system. It is pretty good. The customization that they boast about is kinda crappy, but that isn't what I play games for. I play games for the gameplay, and here is where it seems to be lacking.

The levels are okay, but I don't find any need for the free movement system except to slide tackle enemies before shooting them. When I run around as a light, it is nice to have the extra speed, but I die really easy. I don't play as heavy because that is just not my style.

The objectives seem to be spread out among the different classes, which is nice because it forces people to play as different classes. Here is also where we get into problems. The AI is just stupid. If I'm not the right class for an objective, and there is an AI player right next to me, they will not complete the objective . That is just infuriating.

Splash Damage tried too hard to make the multiplayer/singleplayer the same experience. It was an interesting idea, but walking away from the game just makes people feel like they got half a product. Even the Unreal Tournament games gave me a better value than this. The plot is stupid and I don't care for it at all, especially becuase when I play through it, I play as both sides. When I've played through the whole game (which doesn't take very long) I don't give a crap about either side.

I really want to like this game, so I'm going to keep playing and see if it gets any better.

That is 2 Ls