Tall Angry Monster


3/09/2009 10:36 AM

If you've noticed less posts here recently, its because my job is slowly eating my soul. True, I don't work hard, but I'm not sure its worth the price. After a day of mindnumbingly boring work, somedays I can't even string together a coherent sentence. Have I yet? Conforming the other zombies around here is starting to take its toll. But the biggest kick in the nuts (of the corporate world) is networking.

Call me old fashioned, but I love letting people know just how worthless they are. If I'm hanging out with you of my own volition, your either family, I'm too tired to slap you, or just maybe you're actually worthy of conversation. If those aren't an option, I can usually just walk away. In general this approach has worked out pretty well for me. But leave it to the corporate world to go fuck that up.

The higher up's have mounted an increasing pressure to network to get ahead. By "network" of course, they mean make friends with as many people as possible, then use them for personal and corporate (mostly corporate) gain. This includes attending work social events with intent other than fun. And using personal friends to create connections to potential clients for a huge bonus. Apparently selling out a friend has a going rate of a whopping $20.

No, I think I prefer the Office Space approach of doing whatever the hell I feel like. Now I'm off to go scratch some facebook friends.

That is 2 Ls