Tall Angry Monster

There Goes the Neighborhood

09/16/2008 11:44 AM

I'm pulling a Russell today. My original comic I had finished for today, needed some added spiffiness. So I'm posting it a few hours later than usual. Instead of being all pissy about it, why don't you recall some childhood memories of Calvin and Hobbes? Spaceman Spiff anyone?

- Mike

MY comic was up by 2:00 on Tuesday. That's not horrible. Russell's comic is late again. But at least its not VG Cats. When's the last time they updated on time? 1956? I suppose I keep checking because I live in some deep fear that I might miss the most amazing comic ever. But enough ripping on other comic strips.

Back to things that frighten me. M$ creatures have been haunting my many computers. Everywhere I turn, there's a pop up with some terrifying message. I've clicked that little x a thousand times, but the messages always come back, forever torturing me. Am I having a mental breakdown, or is someone at Microsoft really that evil? Either way, I'm afraid to sleep at night.

I need to think about some positive stuff now, or there'll be a repeat of the second grade...urine was everywhere...

Fluffy clouds, games without annoying little kids, free content, burritos, boobies...

Speaking of which. Have you ever watched an adult video with another dude? Its more awkward than grandma farting at thanksgiving. I think I need some alone time. Eh, I'm sure Russell will have something up soon. Bladder control aside, patience is a virtue.

- Mike

That is 2 Ls