Tall Angry Monster

Its the Law!

05/27/2008 7:36 AM

If you don't get today's comic, you're an idiot. I mean, seriously, didn't you know its illegal to cross state lines with a duck on your head? What are you trying to smuggle underneath that duck? Is it crack? Is it Cambodian orphans? Nanobots? Duck poop?...Yourself?

Remember when you really wanted to do something, but your parents wouldn't let you? Oh, what's that? You're a Cambodian orphan smuggled in underneath a duck, and you didn't have any parents?... Well, it doesn't matter, I wasn't really waiting for your answer anyway. My parents always said "Because I said so". Nothing pissed me off more. What the hell kind of a justification is that? Gee, its all so clear now.

I'd say the grown up equivilant to "Because I said so" is, "Its the law!". Officer, why should I wear a seatbelt? "Its the law!" Thanks one phrased retard. You're so helpful and educated. What would I do without your vast knowledge? You couldn't just say death by facial splattering is unpleasant?

I shit you not, the first sign I saw in Costa Rica had picture of a little boy and a text that read something like "Sex with children is illegal, don't do it". I laughed so hard, I seriously contemplated getting my picture taken next to the sign with some random local kid. But even as a joke, that felt a little pervy.

All I'm saying is, maybe we should care a little less about whether or not something is legal, and a little more about why its illegal. Seriously, read up on some of the random ridiculous laws still in the books. You'll laugh your ass off...then die a little inside.

- Mike

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