Tall Angry Monster

Karma Hates Me

02/21/2008 7:36 PM

So a few days ago I threw a bitch fit about someone being stupid enough to steal my Zune from the locker room, during a hockey game. Honestly, it wasn't that unnatural of an assumption considering theft has been a big problem in locker rooms lately. I'm still astonished that anyone is dumb enough to steal from a bunch of guys, who frequently beat the piss out of each other mid-game. But as it turns out, in my case, I jumped the gun a little.

I was digging through my car, looking for something for some random shit, when lo and behold, I stumbled across my missing Zune. 'Now I don't have to buy a new MP3 player!' I thought. But in that moment of excitement I forgot an important life lesson: Karma loves to fuck with me.

As soon as I turned the little brown turd on, I received this error. Needless to say, I'm still in the market for a new MP3 player. And as Russel suggested, its time to go back to my roots. Its Zen time. Cheap, great battery life, and software that isn't ass fucking backwards retarded. What more could you ask for?
...maybe some nachos. I'm hungry.

Balls...er... -Mike

That is 2 Ls