Tall Angry Monster

The Hungerer

7/14/2009 10:36 AM

Maybe its my recent facebook relationship status change, or maybe I'm just hungry, but this comic seemed appropriate today. After spilling countless crumbs and greasy burger materials on yet another 'soon to be stained work polo', I'm leaning towards the hunger. In either case, I've learned shopping for engagement material is no easy task. If only it was as simple and delicious as hamburger shopping.

As anyone can tell from the W2R web decor, asthetics are not my thing. So, its easy to see my inability to purchase an appropriate piece of lifelong jewelry that doesn't involve mythical powers. Factor in the magnitude of difficulty when considering my well known loathing for diamonds... Yeah, awesome.

After parting with what I feel was a respectable amount of coin, I learned a few things. What did I learn? Sapphire is actually the original engagement stone, small non corporate shops are infinitely better than "Tiffany's" and "DeBeer's", but most importantly women still love shiny things. In the end, I settled on a sapphire stone with diamond highlights. A compromise, yes, but I feel it conveys the right message. Also, I'm told it's not a hideous finger weight. And she said yes, so that's a good thing, right?

That is 2 Ls