Tall Angry Monster

For the Win

5/14/2009 10:36 AM

Over the 5 hour duration of my last road trip, I consumed a number of caffeinated beverages. Among them, I came across the not so illusive Under the Cap game. A free soda, now and then, is a truly rewarding experience... kind of like winning $1 from a lottery ticket. But there is only so much I'll do to claim that free soda.

At some point, some business exec stumbled into a stroke of genious, that would ultimately bring actual hits to lonely corporate websites. Instead of merely handing winning caps to a friendly store clerk, the mindless consumer can instead make an extra pit stop or two. Now consumers have the pleasure of registering with the website, entering a plethora of personal info, and finally typing in a long smudgy codes for each beverage. All of this for the chance to win.

Am I the only who sees the absurdity in this? Apparently, because as it turns out, the comic (like most) wasn't that funny. My bad.

That is 2 Ls