Tall Angry Monster


08/19/2008 11:44 AM

What's better than paying $60 a month for internet? Paying $60/mo for crappy unreliable, laggy internet. Thank God we live in a capitalistic society where there's a plethora of viable reasonably priced alternatives. Afterall, its not like most homes fall in the realm of exactly one ISP ... Oh wait...Well, at least I can always rely on that great customer service customer service Comcast so frequently advertises.

Apparently Comcast and I have different oppinions of customer service. I envision friendly, helpful employees with a wealth of knowledge, Comcast envisions, automated service, hold times, and broken links... You know, to keep things adventurous. And God knows I never get tired of the ever miraculous customer support problem solving. If only I'd thought of the all powerful modem reboot. Why do I keep forgetting, that's all I need to do? I can't believe I forgot to try that again. Wow. Problem solved.

Honestly, if I ever meet the CEO of a certain ISP, I'm kicking him right in his Comcasticles.

- Mike

That is 2 Ls