Tall Angry Monster

Subliminal Messages

05/29/2008 7:36 AM

Why the short rant today Mike? This comic is pretty self explanatory. Lets just say, it's a sensitive issue with the ladies. Knowing that, its all about letting them know, without letting them know. "But how do I do that Mike?" I'm glad you asked.

Here's 4 simple suggestions:

1. Leave a compelling magazine article lying around. To ensure your lady reads it, glue some glitter on it, or better yet, insert the article in some shitty magazine, like US Weekly. Along the same lines, get creative with Photoshop (or Gimp if you're a Linux geek). Glue some new improved statistics and surveys over Glamour's lame ass ones.

2. Carefully scent your zipper with an intriguing yet elusive smell. If you can't think of any, just use some crack.. err.. chocolate. If that doesn't work, try attaching your checkbook down there.

3. Order chinese food. Before she gets to the fortune cookie, carefully replace the paper inside with a more appropriate fotrune. Try something subtle like "Your man will leave you if you don't put out soon"

4. Steal all the US Weekly's and batteries in the house. Eventually your woman might be desperate enough to come find you....Eh, nevermind.

If none of this works, you're dating a lesbian, or you're an nerd that spends too much time reading Web Comics.

Good luck,
- Mike

That is 2 Ls