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Necessary Identification

05/1/2008 7:36 AM

I find it funny how obsessed the U.S. is with identification. Are you buying a beer? You better have some amazing ID, because its one of our most dangerous weapons...never mind that you can buy a gun when you're like 12. Ever tried buying alcohol when you're little brother is present? Guess what, they'll deny you because someone in your group isn't 21. The crafty government has outsmarted the partying type, unless of course, somehow those sneaky teens figure out to stay in the car at the next store.I've even been denied at a bar, because all I had on me was my passport. Sure its good enough for international travel, but God forbid you try to purchase a beer with it.

What's more pathetic are the insane requirements for shit that doesn't matter. I recently lost the password for my Sprint account, and somehow they couldn't just text me it, couldn't reset it, and nothing I could say over the phone could convince them to change it. Seriously, what am I going to do with this might password...pay my bills too soon? I actually needed to visit a Sprint store with TWO photo ID's to get it reset. I didn't even take that much crap when I lost my license.

Perhaps most humerous to me though, are the sad requirements to vote. I've forgotten my ID in the past, several times somehow, and everytime the requirements make me laugh. Sometimes they just believe me. Other times they demand a an incredibly difficult to obtain fortress of evidence... a piece of mail addressed to the guy I say I am. Its a good thing those fraudlant voters haven't figured out how to open the mail box yet.

Its all pretty sad really. Our public officials are elected with next to no evidence of citizenship, but damn it, you sure as hell won't be drinking any illegal beer. Its a little depressing.

...hold me

- Frightened Mike

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